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  • Equestrian

    This is a word that describes in a contextual way what it is to study, understand and utilize the horse for personal benefit and ultimately the benefit therefore of humans.

  • Horse Behaviour Characteristics

    Horses are herd animals and even the domesticated horse will still retain their natural basic instincts. Training, temperament and age can all play a part in the way a horse will handle a situation.

  • The 10 Qualities Of A Horseman

    Second-hand gold is as good as new, so my goal is to share my experience and help people accelerate their horsemanship journey. I have found there are ten basic ingredients that can help humans of any age to do this.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Competitive Equestrian

    Horses are my life—and I say that without a hint of exaggeration. It’s hard to sum up the way that I feel about riding. Most of the time I love it. Other times, my mare makes me frustrated enough to jab a spur in my eye. Either way, I’m in this sport for life, and nothing will change that.

  • Becoming A "Natural"

    It just isn't fair, is it: the way some people are "naturals" with horses? Horses love them and will work their hearts out for them. Flowing transitions; relaxed cooperation; invisible, almost extrasensory, communication. They make it look too easy.

  • Tips For Becoming A Professional Equestrian

    Aspiring hunter/jumper riders who want to join the professional ranks won't find any shortcuts, but they will find lots of support.

  • Your Road To The Olympic Team - How To Become An Olympic Rider

    Riders usually start out by being involved with Pony Club, 4-H or other local riding organizations. Each state or province will have its official organization that organizes circuits in one or more particular disciplines.