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How One Woman Became A Farmer

As a spoiled ex-suburbanite from Winnipeg, I’m better schooled in mall crawling than horticulture. During high school, my vocational aptitude tests always resulted in the same two options: (a) teacher or (b) journalist.

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More Young People See Opportunities In Farming

A Wisconsin factory worker worried about layoffs became a dairy farmer. An employee at a Minnesota nonprofit found an escape from her cubicle by buying a vegetable farm. A nuclear engineer tired of office bureaucracy decided to get into cattle ranching in Texas.

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I Suddenly Realized I Had Become A Farmer

Watching Mike Rowe's TEDTalk "Learning from Dirty Jobs," I was taken by his humorous, but meaningful discussion of the Aristotelian terms anagnorisis and peripeteia, discovery and transformation, respectively. As I listened, I recalled my own experience of them...

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The Spa Expert Who Became A Farmer

Arkansas-native Mary Blackmon had a lucrative, big-city career. She worked for major publishing houses and internet companies before founding one of the first national spa discount sites,, in 2002, and becoming an authority on the spa experience and lifestyle... Then, she became a farmer.

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Want To Make More Than A Banker? Become A Farmer!

If you want to become rich, Jim Rogers, investment whiz, best-selling author and one of Wall Street's towering personalities, has this advice: Become a farmer.

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How To Become A Farmer: Career Guide

Becoming a farmer is an excellent career choice for those who like to be outdoors and be their own boss. Self-employment and making a living from working the land are some of the main attractions of becoming a farmer. Outlined below are the various educational, work experience and personality requirements of becoming a farmer.

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