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  • How One Woman Became A Farmer www.besthealthmag.ca

    As a spoiled ex-suburbanite from Winnipeg, I’m better schooled in mall crawling than horticulture. During high school, my vocational aptitude tests always resulted in the same two options: (a) teacher or (b) journalist.

  • More Young People See Opportunities In Farming usatoday30.usatoday.com

    A Wisconsin factory worker worried about layoffs became a dairy farmer. An employee at a Minnesota nonprofit found an escape from her cubicle by buying a vegetable farm. A nuclear engineer tired of office bureaucracy decided to get into cattle ranching in Texas.

  • I Suddenly Realized I Had Become A Farmer www.huffingtonpost.com

    Watching Mike Rowe's TEDTalk "Learning from Dirty Jobs," I was taken by his humorous, but meaningful discussion of the Aristotelian terms anagnorisis and peripeteia, discovery and transformation, respectively. As I listened, I recalled my own experience of them...

  • The Spa Expert Who Became A Farmer www.wellandgoodnyc.com

    Arkansas-native Mary Blackmon had a lucrative, big-city career. She worked for major publishing houses and internet companies before founding one of the first national spa discount sites, Spa-Addicts.com, in 2002, and becoming an authority on the spa experience and lifestyle... Then, she became a farmer.

  • Want To Make More Than A Banker? Become A Farmer! content.time.com

    If you want to become rich, Jim Rogers, investment whiz, best-selling author and one of Wall Street's towering personalities, has this advice: Become a farmer.

  • How To Become A Farmer: Career Guide www.academicinvest.com

    Becoming a farmer is an excellent career choice for those who like to be outdoors and be their own boss. Self-employment and making a living from working the land are some of the main attractions of becoming a farmer. Outlined below are the various educational, work experience and personality requirements of becoming a farmer.