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  • MJ DELANEY: FILM DIRECTOR www.stylist.co.uk

    A day in the life of a freelance film director.

  • The Average Film Director Salary Per Movie everydaylife.globalpost.com

    You may think film directors are rolling in cash and, in certain cases, you wouldn't be wrong. The truth, however, is that most directors make a more modest living.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES www.filmreference.com

    Generally, one individual is responsible for overseeing the labor that is relevant to a single facet of production, whether it be cinematography, writing, editing, music, sound, production design, or costumes. With the notable exception of the producer, however, the range of the director's tasks is quite broad, and involves coordinating innumerable creative activities throughout the course of developing, shooting, completing, and marketing a film.

  • Film Director’s Role trueherostudio.com

    Much more goes into directing a film than telling (or showing) actors what to do. The film does not consist of performances alone, and performance itself is more complex than this characterization implies.

  • Film Director www.creativeskillset.org

    The Director is the driving creative force in a film's production, and acts as the crucial link between the production, technical and creative teams.

  • The Nail-Biting Life Of An Action Film Director management.fortune.cnn.com

    Simon West is multilingual in the way directors must be. He recently spoke with Fortune about what it takes to manage the many moving parts of a big picture. After over a decade in the business, West says, he's finally starting to have some fun.

  • The Film Director www.filmmakers.com

    A good director makes sure that all parts of a film are creatively produced and brought together in a single totality. A director interprets the script, coaches the performers, works together with the montagiste, etc., interrelating them all to create a work of art.

  • How To Become A Movie Director www.yoavshamir.com

    If you want to know how to become a movie director, you must be highly interested in movies and have an artistic flair as a prerequisite. You can begin practicing by using your home video and edit using some editing software; this is helpful in making baby steps toward the career.

  • How To Become A Film Director: A Sharp Reality Check www.lavideofilmmaker.com

    This topic has been clouded by wishful thinking and pernicious misinformation for too long. Time to clean up!

  • So You Want My Job: Film Director www.artofmanliness.com

    John Dowdle has what many men who consider the dream job. I have to say that while I’ve enjoyed all the entries in this series, John’s is one of my favorites, because after all, who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to make some movie magic?