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  • What’s Life Like As A Financial Advisor? Depends On Your Pain Tolerance www.financialsamurai.com

    Ben from Wealth Gospel shares his experience going through training as a junior financial advisor. I can’t help but wonder by the end of the article whether the key to any successful career is to just survive through the initial hardship.

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    That's a lot of fiscal power in the hands of a precious few, which makes choosing an advisor -- presuming you need one -- one of the most important decisions you can make.

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    I discovered that being a financial planner has as much to do with understanding peoples’ hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations as it does money.

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    Financial advisor can be a great profession for someone who wants to head down a new career path. Why? Because it’s a job where having some life experience under your belt really helps.

  • The Starting Salary Of A Certified Financial Planner work.chron.com

    A certified financial planner, or CFP, has completed specific education requirements and been certified by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. To be a CFP, you must have an advanced degree, such as a law degree, a doctorate in business administration or a Ph.D. in economics or business, or have other advanced certification, such as a certified public accountant or a chartered life underwriter.

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    How to Become a Financial Advisor

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    Financial advisors do what many people don’t like doing for themselves: figuring out how to manage their money.