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Michelle Ogunti was a Financial Analyst

I loved the fact that I was in a job that I was GOOD at, but that wasn't enough. Working in finance was not the job that fulfilled my purpose...and because there was a huge gap between my purpose and my profession, I would leave work feeling dissatisfied. The long hours and stressful environment didn't help, either!

Daniel Machado was a Financial Analyst

Stable job, most of the time in the office or in front of the computer. Lots of spreadsheets to analyse and hundreds of "data crunch" tasks. Some parts of it could be interesting to those who like accounting or are less prone to take risks. Not my case.

Daniel Machado is a Financial Analyst

It is a profession that you really have to like doing. It is very common to work overnight and people have to be used to stay all day long in front of the computer. Can be interesting to learn the financial side of things, but that is basically it. Also, you have to like accounting, it is the basis of things.

RafaƂ Zdeb is a Financial Analyst

Having an overview of a company. A lot of data manipulation.

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