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  • What Are The Functions Of The Corporate Financial Manager? everydaylife.globalpost.com

    As a company grows, the responsibilities of the finance manager expand, with more outsourced functions coming in-house and more long-term strategic planning added to the finance manager's plate. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a corporate finance manager will help you decide if this career is right for you and how to prepare to land these types of finance jobs.

  • Financial Manager: Salary money.usnews.com

    Financial management jobs tend to pay well.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Senior Finance Manager (Within A Global Investment Bank) careersdonewrite.com

    An attractive alternative to the hard-charging, pressure-filled investment banking path (M&A, Corporate Finance Advisory, Sales & Trading) is a career in finance management within that same investment bank.

  • Financial Manager - Career Overview www.vocationary.com

    The duties of financial managers vary with their specific titles, which include controller, treasurer or finance officer, credit manager, cash manager, risk and insurance manager, and manager of international banking.

  • Top 7 Non-Financial Skills Required In Finance www.investopedia.com

    Mitch Pisik, who has held numerous senior management positions, including CEO role of Breckwell Products and has more than 20 years of experience in business development, operations and finance, advises that, "the accounting/financial aspect of the job is the floor - not the ceiling."

  • What Does A Financial Manager Do? www.wisegeek.com

    A financial manager is in charge of the functions involving money in a large or small organization. While answerable to corporate management or a board of directors, he or she holds authority over decisions regarding income, costs, payroll, investments, mergers, and acquisitions.