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  • What Is A Corporate Flight Attendant? www.wisegeek.com

    A corporate flight attendant is a flight attendant who provides services on noncommercial aircraft such as corporate jets and charter planes.

  • What Are The Different Flight Attendant Jobs? www.wisegeek.com

    There a several different flight attendant jobs available with commercial airlines as well as private enterprises.

  • Everyone Wants To Be A Flight Attendant www.businessweek.com

    Whenever airlines advertise openings for flight attendants, the applications gush in. Southwest Airlines (LUV) recently received 10,000 applications for 750 attendant positions—in about two hours.

  • Flight Attendant Jobs: What It Takes To Work At 30,000 Feet In The Sky www.huffingtonpost.ca

    Depending on whom you ask, being a flight attendant isn't just a job — it's a lifestyle, and a competitive one at that. After all, not many occupations include 'travelling around the world' as part of the job description.