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Flight Attendant Reviews

  • terrific
    5 ratings
  • pleasant
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  • satisfactory
    1 ratings
  • lowly
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  • disappointing
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All Reviews

Luann Suhr and this career

It was fun, sometimes tiring. Schedules changed constantly -- planes broke -- report times changed -- sleep was never a constant -- you could be on call ("reserve"). You are likely to be overworked b/c a flight attendants rest time doesn't matter as much as a pilots (though legally it is important). Good to see a lot of new places and be exposed to new cultures at destinations. If you don't like someone, you're stuck with them the whole flight. You cannot get away from problem people. You're constantly on the go and doing things to help people and for their safety but most people think of you as just a waitress in the air who happens to be their servant for the amount of time they are on the plane. That being said, despite some negatives, I LOVED this job. <3

Victoria Helser and this career

I flew for 5 years and loved it!