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A Day In The Life..

This post could also be titled: Are you sure you really want to do this.. for any of the newbies thinking this sounds like a great career!

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What Do Florists Get Paid?

Florists cut and arrange flowers into bouquets and other types of displays. According to a 2011 report by the Society of American Florists, floral retail sales in the U.S. generate $35.2 billion annually...

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What Does A Florist Do?

A florist is a professional who specializes in the selection and arrangement of flowers for the purpose of decoration...

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Florist The Real Poop

If you are a lover of flowers, this career path could be heaven-scent.

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Why Would You Want To Become A Florist?

If you currently have a professional job and want to change your profession to do something you like, why not? Doing something you love and making money from it, what more could you ask for?

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Thinking Of Becoming A Florist

If you are thinking of becoming a florist, or just interested in how we spend our time, here's an insight into the job...

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