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Renee Masur was a Food Preparation Worker

I worked at a Chinese Food Restaurant for many of my teenage years. Not really my favourite job, but it was a paycheck. The reason I give this an apathetic face is because of the family I worked for. They were fun, sweet, and truly hardworking. I haven't worked there for a couple years, but I still go see them every Christmas Eve. It's now a tradition.

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Jordan Myers was a Food Preparation Worker

I prepped food and was a grill cook at multiple places.

Ryan Kerr was a Food Preparation Worker

Always had an interest in culinary arts. Wanted to experience for myself in my late teens early twenties.

Sara Clymer was a Food Preparation Worker

I've never been one to be good with food. I just kind of did it to earn some money and experience. As soon as the chance came up, I left.

Alex Martin is a Food Preparation Worker

The work is fast-paced and can be fun. However, it can also be very frustrating. There is little room for growth and the pay is never great.

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