Reviews of Food Preparation Worker

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Food Preparation Worker Reviews

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Renee Masur and this career

I worked at a Chinese Food Restaurant for many of my teenage years. Not really my favourite job, but it was a paycheck. The reason I give this an apathetic face is because of the family I worked for. They were fun, sweet, and truly hardworking. I haven't worked there for a couple years, but I still go see them every Christmas Eve. It's now a tradition.

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Jordan Myers and this career

I prepped food and was a grill cook at multiple places.

Ryan Kerr and this career

Always had an interest in culinary arts. Wanted to experience for myself in my late teens early twenties.

Sara Clymer and this career

I've never been one to be good with food. I just kind of did it to earn some money and experience. As soon as the chance came up, I left.

Alex Martin and this career

The work is fast-paced and can be fun. However, it can also be very frustrating. There is little room for growth and the pay is never great.