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  • So You Want My Job: Golf Pro Instructor

    He does for a living what most of us only do on the weekends or on days we call in sick at work: Bill plays golf. More precisely, Bill helps other golfers improve their game as a Golf Pro Instructor. So tee up and let Bill tell you about his job.

  • A Day In The Life Of ... Dave Nordeen, Head Golf Pro At Somerby Golf Community

    It’s just past sunup as Dave Nordeen strolls to his office adjacent to the pro shop of Somerby Golf Community in Byron...

  • On The Edge: Money, Life And Loneliness On The Fringe Of The PGA Tour

    After competing in 23 tournaments since January 2011, the 24-year-old rookie has made $284,500 in prize money, putting him at 173rd on the PGA Tour’s “money list.” It’s not nearly good enough.

  • How To Become A Professional Golfer

    It’s important to note that there are two types of people who make a living in professional golf. Teaching Professionals at golf courses are referred to as Golf Professionals and people who play in tournaments are Professional Golfers.

  • Becoming A Golf Instructor: 5 Qualities You Need For Success

    Being a golf instructor isn’t easy.Here are five things you’ll need if you are to succeed in this career.

  • Golf Pro Vs. Pro Golfer

    Strictly speaking, anyone who earns money by playing or teaching golf can be considered a golf pro. A pro golfer is someone who plays golf for a living.

  • PGA Tours: From Amateur Golfer To Professional Golfer - How Good Do You Really Have To Be To Make It?

    Ok so you’ve had enough of playing amateur tournaments for tin cups, micro wave ovens and TV’s and you want to step into the professional arena and play for pay. But are you really ready for it?