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Graphic Designer Reviews

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Chris Hart and this career

I really like combining Typography, Photography and Illustration so this has been a career I can do all this in. Staying up to date with technology and trends is required and this is pretty interesting. From an early age I was very into Illustration and as I went through school, they kinda killed the Illustration off and pushed me more towards this more academic of the creative professions! I studied it at College and University, felt far more technically advanced than some of my peers and this was a bit disheartening. Little reason to push myself so hard when 40% effort got me by. A bad attitude to have and one I've worked on and since changed but it happened!
So went down this route and it has been a good journey, worked in-house for several years and am nbow freelance... But I feel now I want to be out more so maybe Photography, Camera work will be a good avenue to go down.

My tips on this career:
Push yourself really hard for yourself, be the best because you want to be the best, not for money or fame.
Believe in yourself and fight really hard for your ideas.
Understand your audience, end of the day this is for them and not for you, it has to work for their business, so just make sure your awesome idea is in the right direction!
Start learning motion graphics! You can niche off into something but the still image is starting to become a little more dynamic, GIFs, videos and animations are shareable as hell right now so a little motion in your graphics can't hurt

Mitch Mealey and this career

The benefits are being creative, doing research, helping others to communicate something important to them (and hopefully to others), working with computers. It also doesn't conflict with my strong tendency toward introversion.

Hirut Sorri and this career

creativity might lead to innovation

Adrián Ramos and this career

me gusta crear diseños como logos o tarjetas de presentacion

Casey Plant and this career

The best part of my job was being creative every day; using Photoshop to create ads and signage layouts and taking photos for our database.

Eugene Or and this career

Had artistic skills as a kid with a fondness for technology, melded the two together.

Sheldon Coles and this career

I really enjoyed it in the beginning, but now I'm not so sure. I think I need a job that gets me away from the computer a bit more than I am.

Bea Banner and this career

I appreciate good design and admire the creative process and those to whom the creative process comes easily. Given my tendency to be obsessive and a perfectionist, I struggled with meeting deadlines and concept development. Despite these weaknesses I am confident in my ability to identify good design, as well as improve upon the solutions of others.

April George and this career

A quirky, nerdy girl from the beaches of southern Virginia fell in love with art and technology at a young age. She sketched, clicked, and dragged her way into a world where creativity is rewarded with a couple of jaw-drops, high-fives and an occasional paycheck.

Christess Christes and this career

Great balance for my solitary personality, creative, good use of my talents, hard to satisfy a client, lots of rejection, hard to earn a steady income unless you have a job