A hand polishing worker, or hand grinding worker, is someone who is responsible for grinding, sanding, and/or polishing objects to a smooth finish. The objects that a polisher may work with can be made from wood, stone, clay, marble, plastic, and glass, to name a few. The objects a polisher or grinder works with can end up as smaller craft items delivered directly to market, such as jewelry, furniture accents or dentures. They can also work on larger items such as furniture.

The worker must be able to use a variety of tools, both large and small, to shape the object in question to the desired shape and desired surface. The finished pieces may require excruciatingly exact detail, and the worker must have the skill to be able to derive the perfect finish from the modified objects.

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Employment Stats

High school diploma required

Shrinking by 1.7% over the next 8 years

$29K Average annual salary