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Home Health Aide Reviews

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Luann Suhr and this career

Pay can be as low as minimum wage. Not as respected as people in hospital though you do more as a HHA than as a CNA and spend more time with patients than a CNA. Sometimes patients think of you as their slave, sometimes they value you. You cook, clean, take them to the doctor, take care of their medical needs in the house, and keep them company.

Jackie Heaton and this career

Worked briefly in home healthcare with a family of three elderly siblings. The pay was very good for weekend stay-over shifts, but it was a lot of responsibility, and not not all three clients were always polite. I also did not enjoy the fact that having to deal with issues of other people's bodily functions was a part of this job (I.e. Colostomy bag and accidents). It takes a person less squeamish than me to do this job.