Reviews of Housekeeping Cleaner

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Housekeeping Cleaner Reviews

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Luann Suhr and this career

This was actually one of my favorite jobs though it was strictly transitional for me while I looked for another job. You clean, you do laundry, you fold. Very simple job, you don't need to think about it at all. At my place of employment I did everything myself so I could put my headphones on and rock out and just clean and get paid for it. It was also very interesting to see some of the aftermath of hotel rooms -- especially if they are a little shady and motel like. <3 I worked at two places -- one I worked by myself, all one floor, I had a mop -- awesome ($5/hour in 2006). At the other job, I worked with others -- I had to carry vacuums and things up and down the stairs and I was not given a mop, just a spray bottle and a rag to clean the floor. Eh. All for only a dollar more an hour.

Rose Mendoza and this career

I had about 8 months of work experience. It was okay for me. I like to do a job where I pretty much know what to expect. I was self-employed and it paid fine. If you want to do well as a self-employed housekeeping cleaner you really have to get good references and promote yourself well.

Bryana Wellman and this career

It was an enormous amount of dirty work for very little pay and no offer of overtime.

Jade MacMillan and this career

Repetitive jobs, but rewarding if youre a neat freak.

Rebecca Jensen and this career

It was a one time summer job