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What Are The Qualifications Of Being A Human Resources Manager?

HR managers interact with every level within the organization, from the executive-level decision makers to department managers and production staff. Therefore, their qualifications are broad and encompassing, able to justify budget allocations as easily as they monitor workplace investigations and resolve conflict among the workforce.

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Day In The Life Of An HR Manager

To find out what the working life of a HR Manager is really like we interviewed Marie Denton, HR Manager at a leading investment bank. Hear what skills, experience and qualifications she thinks you need to be successful in this challenging role.

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Never A Typical Day In The Office! A Day In The Life Of A Human Resources Manager

I am Jeff Carswell, the Human Resources Manager onboard Freedom of the Seas. I was invited to share my experiences as part of the “A Day in the Life” blog series. Here is a recent day in my life.

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Primary Responsibilities Of A Human Resource Manager

Core competencies HR managers have are solid communication skills and decision-making capabilities based on analytical skills and critical thought processes.

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How Much On Average Does An HR Manager Make?

As of 2012, HR managers working in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic states reported the highest average salaries in the country, while the lowest-paying states were concentrated in the southeast and the Midwest.

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What Path Do I Need To Take To Become An HR Manager?

Human resources managers supervise hiring and take care of employee services, such as benefits. They also coordinate their work with top management and help with employee conflict resolution.

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