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Is It Possible To Peg An Industrial Designer's Quality Of Life?

A student on the verge of making a crucial decision, started out with a vague (and impossibly broad) query on whether industrial design is a financially lucrative profession. In our members' efforts to answer, the topic is beginning to veer towards the quality of an industrial designer's life.

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Industrial Designer I Salaries

The annual salary for someone with the job title Industrial Designer I may vary depending on a number of factors including industry, company size, location, years of experience and level of education.

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The Difference Between Industrial Design And Design Engineering

There is a huge misunderstanding between the overlapping functions in which these two processes—industrial design and design engineering—operate.

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Product Design Vs Industrial Design

What is the difference between Product Design and Industrial Design. This question has puzzled many people. Many people use the terms ‘Product Design’ and ‘Industrial Design’ loosely and interchangeably.

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What Is Industrial Design? A Primer For Beginners.

The first thing to know about design is that it’s a huge category with lots of definitions. There are many ways to organize design. Organizing it by design jobs is the way we have framed it here. It’s not perfect, but it is a good starting place:

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What Does An Industrial Designer Do?

Industrial designers are responsible for the look of many of the products bought, used and consumed every day. It is the job of an industrial designer to create, plan and style manufactured goods, including automobiles, household products, food packaging, consumer electronics and medical equipment.

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