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  • Day In The Life Of… Rebecca Kitching

    Rebecca Kitching is an innovative jeweller based in Sheffield who creates quirky fun jewellery that is bound to make you smile and evoke your inner child.

  • Romancing The Stones: Jewellery With Precious Gemstones That Go Beyond The Big Three

    Caesar deals only in raw natural gemstones, as his family company Gustav Caesar has for five generations, since 1840, and looks to small and remote mines all over the world for interesting mineral deposits, often in limited supply.

  • How Do I Become A Jeweler?

    To become a jeweler, one may complete specialized training programs that focus on gems and precious metals, attend training programs at art or vocational schools and obtain four-year degrees from art or design schools.

  • Jeweller

    Jewellers cover a range of jobs which all surround the design and production of jewellery, ranging from merely designing the pieces to moulding specialist materials.

  • How To Become A Professional Jeweler

    A jeweler is a skilled craftsman with the ability to design and create wearable pieces of art using metals, stones and other materials.