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Journalist Reviews

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Featured Reviews

Kassandra Linklater and this career

I worked as a news editor of a student news paper for two years in university. It was thrilling, frustrating, and never boring. The experience taught me the importance of patience and how easy it is to become cynical, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Trent Gegax and this career

I had a front-row seat to watch history in the making -- from technological innovation to war to the making of a U.S. president.

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Miki Johnson and this career

I went to journalism school and quickly realized I was more interested in magazines than newspapers or broadcast. I was lucky enough to get a job out of school at a magazine focused on photography, which I loved. It gave me the opportunity to learn a ton, talk to all the top people in the field, become friends with many of them, and get a high-level view of the whole industry that then helped me provide insights to our readers and my photographer friends.

Of course, journalism is a hard industry right now without a lot of job opportunities and pretty low pay across the board. But if you love it, I think there are lots of opportunities to take the skills of communication, interviewing, summarizing, understanding an audience, etc. and apply them to plenty of in-demand fields, including marketing, PR, branding, etc.

Little Lady and this career

I love the tight deadlines.
This job meets all my needs as an extrovert; I'm always meeting amazing and interesting people, and using the meetings to write (which is something I love to do). Great work, and great way to affect society, since people are gaining information from you, and you are a credible source.
The only bad thing is that there isn't much forward motion. Once you're a journalist, you can't expand much as an employee apart from getting cooler articles and stories - this sort of limits the impact I can make, and I personally do want to go into more far-reaching media, such as movies or television.

Daniel Guajardo and this career

I do better as adWords certificated consultant.

Jon Barker and this career

Get to interview interesting people, explore new ideas and get paid for my words