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Lawyer Reviews

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Ashley Weitzel and this career

I love everything about how our laws work and assisting people with asserting their legal rights [...]

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R R and this career

It's challenging, interesting, and sometimes mundane.

Delfin Pino and this career

Ser abogado significa analizar las reglas que orientan la libertad humana.
Permite involucrarse en temas vinculados a la búsqueda de la justicia.

Simon Lavoie and this career

This is where I'm supposed to tell a story that explains why this career is important to me. Truth be told, I don't know. I wish I did. Most kids grow up wanting to be astronauts, but I always thought lawyers got the better deal. Maybe I just never grew out of the "buuuuttttt mommmyyyyyy that's noooootttt fffaaaiiiirrrrrr" thing most kids eventually give up on?

Belen Chaure and this career

The contact with people. The content is really boring and I,m not really interested in it.