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Ashley Weitzel is a Lawyer

I love everything about how our laws work and assisting people with asserting their legal rights [...]

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R R is a Lawyer

It's challenging, interesting, and sometimes mundane.

Delfin Pino is a Lawyer

Ser abogado significa analizar las reglas que orientan la libertad humana.
Permite involucrarse en temas vinculados a la búsqueda de la justicia.

Simon Lavoie wants to be a Lawyer

This is where I'm supposed to tell a story that explains why this career is important to me. Truth be told, I don't know. I wish I did. Most kids grow up wanting to be astronauts, but I always thought lawyers got the better deal. Maybe I just never grew out of the "buuuuttttt mommmyyyyyy that's noooootttt fffaaaiiiirrrrrr" thing most kids eventually give up on?

Belen Chaure was a Lawyer

The contact with people. The content is really boring and I,m not really interested in it.

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