Shoe and leather workers are highly skilled craftsmen who work to create, design, and repair leather products. These craftsmen can create every type of leather product imaginable including small accessories such as wallets and handbags, designer shoes, luggage, and even horse saddles. However, a large portion of shoe and leather craftsmen work in the shoe and leather repair field rather than in the manufacturing field of the leather industry.

Working as a shoe and leather worker is a highly demanding career path to pursue. Leather working is a trade. Prospective applicants may not realize the sheer amount of time and dedication necessary to create shoes and boots of high quality. Indeed, leather working is a skill that has been passed down from generation to generation of craftsmen.

Shoe and leather workers have several different job titles in the leather working industry. The most common job title is leather repairman, but other areas of expertise within the leather industry include orthopedic shoemaker, saddle maker, and luggage maker. All of these specialists use similar techniques in order to ply their trade masterfully. The difference lies in the scope of the project, which may or may not require operating heavy machinery.

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Employment Stats

High school diploma required

Shrinking by 14.0% over the next 8 years

$26K Average annual salary