A Lyric Writer (also known as a Lyricist), is an individual who is involved in writing creative words that are used in songs. Many times, a successful lyric writer will work closely with a musical composer who can give feedback on how the lyrics that are written will work in conjunction with the music that will accompany them.

Sometimes a lyricist will be someone who can not only write the words to a song, but can also write the music. This is a definite advantage for any lyricist, because that way they are able to control both aspects of a song, ultimately achieving the artistic feel that they were aiming for. Even if a lyric writer does not have the complete ability to write both the words and music-piece, it is an excellent idea if they are able to have a brief understanding of the musical aspect.

At times, a lyricist will write exclusively for one band or performer. Many performers or entertainers do not write their own material, but are backed by talented writers who are able to compose songs that compliment their niche in the industry.

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