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  • Pop life: The Great Success Of Superstar Lyricist Tim Rice

    Rice, who has just turned 69, is in his attic office, an all-white room filled with light. Above the door handle is a sign that says "f--- off" in five different languages. Despite that, he greets me warmly and immediately asks about the cricket.

  • Don Black: Star Lyricist Puts A Productive Life Into Words

    As well as compiling his new late Sunday evening Radio 2 show, which is fuelled by the Great American Songbook, there is still work to be done on his latest musical, Stephen Ward.

  • Focusing Your Lyrics: Try Writing A Short Essay

    Writing a short story on your song’s topic is a great intermediate step for writing a good lyric.

  • What Do Lyricists Do?

    As a Lyricist, you put together words to help the less lyrically inclined express their love through song. You don’t just have to write about love though.

  • So You Want My Job: Songwriter

    Not all musical artists pen their own tunes. Often they record a song given to them by a songwriter or work with songwriters to craft a hit. What’s it like to work in this interesting part of the music business?

  • Inside Songwriting

    You've now reached a point where you can write perfectly crafted songs. So why aren't you having hits? Why are you still working a miserable day job? And what do you need to do to get to that next level?

  • 10 Tips On How To Become A Great Lyricist By ILLWILL

    In this article I am going to give you a few pointers from research and personal experience on how to become a first class lyricist.

  • The Lyricist

    A lyricist, also called lyric writer or wordsmith, is someone who writes the words to an original piece of music or adds words to already existing music.