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Lyricist Reviews

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Grace Fynn and this career

songs descend from above, I just write them down- a gifted song creator/ lyricist

Tatum kan and this career

first and for most , this career is one that needs both talent and well.. to be driven , at the very least the lyricist must at least be able to make lyrics rhythmic and matching with the music , they do not necessarily need to play instruments but must at least have a basic knowledge of notes.. if they are able to compose and sing its great but they stand out just great even if they just write lyrics... they are a part of why a song becomes a success.. because their lyrics create a story and also emotion in a song..
certain people that can write creative stories are able to write lyrics .. to put it simple it's definitely something where talent and hard work is important.. just like singing, people who don't have this lyric talent , might or might not be able to succeed in writing good lyrics.. ofcourse people who can write great lyrics sooner or later eventually will be able to write for Big shot producers/ composer whereas people who are not so talented/ do not hv this gift can write as a hobby/ leisure.

Jermaine Moses and this career

What's great about being a Lyricist is having the ability to fully express yourself. All of art is like this, but lyricism/music in particular is one of the greatest mediums for conveying human emotion through words and sounds. The potential power to change or truly affect a life (no small feat) is one of the many joys that comes with being a lyricist, and the better you are at it, the more effective you have the potential to be! The key is to remain genuine. Even if it's not necessarily your own experience you're writing about, let it be a genuine enough experience, from someone you know, something you heard/saw, or even something you created; it doesn't matter. The key is that it's genuine. Express away!