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A Day In The Life Of A Marine Biologist

Five years after graduating from a Masters in Applied Marine Science, I found myself swimming with the biggest fish in the sea. Every day.

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Marine Biologist - Typical Day

Icebergs, Glaciers. Ice floes. Snow. Marina’s tent home is equally minimalist: sleeping bag, duffel bag and sheepskins (the academic kind — PhD) pinioned to the stretched nylon tent wall. Welcome to life in Antarctica, where the leopard seals dive and thrive.

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Personality Traits & Skills Of A Marine Biologist

While marine biologists may work at a local stream or in an office, their job can also take them to remote locations the world over. Interest in working with raw data is one quality marine biologists strongly require.

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So You Want To Be A Deep-Sea Biologist?

I write this from the perspective of obtaining a Ph.d. in marine biology and I am assuming the reader wants to go for a Ph.d. as well. Some of these are not specific to deep-sea research, but apply generally to any path toward graduate school in the sciences. Below is my take on this, tips and tricks, lessons I’ve learned from doing things both the right and wrong way.

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5 Steps: Experience And Education Needed To Become A Marine Biologist

While pursuing a career in marine biology or oceanography can be a challenging road to travel you’ll be hard-pressed to find a marine biologist with regrets. Hopefully the following tips will help you navigate the multifarious paths to becoming a marine biologist:

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Wanna Be A Marine Biologist? Here’s How

I am fortunate indeed, and I wouldn’t exchange my life and career for anything. But people don’t often realize what goes into the job.

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