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Casey Plant and this career

My main points of action in this career are to manage social media accounts, plan and advertise upcoming events, and shoot & edit videos for our You Tube account. This is the only career where everyone wants to be viral.

Javier Migueles Sánchez and this career

I'm currently work as a Marketing Manager and International Business development.

Dannon Loveland and this career

I like the opportunity to be creative and solve problems.

Sabrina Rodriguez and this career

I have enjoyed my work as a Marketing Manager, largely given my ability to travel and work globally with different teams. It allows a lot of creativity, a focus on end-user/customer experience, particularly in social media - a highly relevant and exciting area to work in.

Justin Hills and this career

worked towards marketing after sales, great to learn the ropes but felt limited in what i can achieve and ideas that i can bring to life

Rose Choi and this career

Having to convince, persuade others; making a case out of everything

Frances Donegan-Ryan and this career

I like working on multiple projects. I like the mix of analytic and creative work.

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