Reviews of Mechanical Engineer

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Mechanical Engineer Reviews

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Freddy Báez and this career

More than 65 hours of working every week, no weekends off, didn´t enjoyed this. I am not passionated about this. As for everything in life you got to be really passionated about this to be a Mechanical Engineer. If you do not enjoy the process of calculating, designing, maintaining, in general, working with machines and mechanical parts, thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, do not choose Mechanical Engineer. It is very intense.

Royer William Chilo Quispe and this career

There are many numbers and mathematical formulas

and this career

High pay, good company...

Justin Silles and this career

This was an internship that I landed after taking drafting and ME classes. I really enjoyed it, but it wasn't for me. I wanted to get more involved with the design side. My role was to take line drawings and put them into the computer system by recreating the parts on a CAD system. I had to use trigonometry and basic algebra on a regular basis. I also had to attend the occasional staff meeting. Otherwise, I was usually left to work on my own.

Victor Corniel Brito and this career

Me encanta la idea de crear cosas y saber administrar los recursos cuando haces que las cosas se muevan entrar a otro nivel de profesional.