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Royer William Chilo Quispe was a Mechanical Engineer

There are many numbers and mathematical formulas

is a Mechanical Engineer

High pay, good company...

Justin Silles was a Mechanical Engineer

This was an internship that I landed after taking drafting and ME classes. I really enjoyed it, but it wasn't for me. I wanted to get more involved with the design side. My role was to take line drawings and put them into the computer system by recreating the parts on a CAD system. I had to use trigonometry and basic algebra on a regular basis. I also had to attend the occasional staff meeting. Otherwise, I was usually left to work on my own.

Victor Corniel Brito is a Mechanical Engineer

Me encanta la idea de crear cosas y saber administrar los recursos cuando haces que las cosas se muevan entrar a otro nivel de profesional.

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