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    The salary for a medical assistant depends on a number of factors, which includes the medical assistant’s educational background, experience, health care facility worked at, and location.

  • The Making Of A GREAT Medical Assistant blogs.aafp.org

    Recently I've been struck that almost every single patient (20-24 per day) comments on how much they liked the MA, how great she was, how helpful, confident and professional she was, and what great humor she showed. Though I generally work with the same MA, this occurs on days when other MAs float through as well.

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    Nicole from Santa Barbara discusses what a day in the life of a medical assistant is like.

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    Medical assistants are educated in both the clinical and administrative sides of a medical office. Their education covers a broad range of medical areas, including EKGs, preparation of exam rooms, how to take vital signs, office procedures, billing and how to read laboratory tests.

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    What a medical assistant does may depend upon their qualifications, education, and the needs of a specific medical practice. They often have dual roles, performing both clerical work and working with patients.