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Eight Ways Money Managers Can Be 'HOT': Honest, Open, Trustworthy

You don't just want smart people to manage your money, you want smart people you can trust -- who are comfortable with the 21st century culture of transparency, not the 20th century secretive approach.

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A Day In The Life Of A Portfolio Manager

To provide a glimpse of what your life might look like if you pursued a career in portfolio management, we've interviewed three professionals in the field to see how a typical workday goes.

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Traits Of Successful Money Managers

Successful long-term money managers, Whitney Tilson says, share 16 traits, divided equally between personal characteristics and professional habits.

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Preparing For A Career As A Portfolio Manager

One of the most coveted careers in the financial industry is that of the portfolio manager. Portfolio managers work with a team of analysts and researchers, and are ultimately responsible for making the final investment decisions for a fund - or asset-management vehicle.

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Requirements For Becoming A Money Manager

Money is something everyone needs to survive. Yet it can be daunting trying to figure out how to budget and save money. Money managers make the job a little easier for clients by offering advice on where to spend cash and how to save it. These professionals require specialized knowledge and training.

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Why Money Managers Should Be Like Astronauts

Managing money has never been easy, but over the last five years, all portfolio managers’ abilities have been tested to the maximum.

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