What is a Music Promoter?

The main job of a music promoter is to publicize and promote upcoming local or national live events and concerts. He or she will also organize the events, book the band or bands, and advertise in a way to bring in as many people as possible, which in turn, will bring in profits.

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What does a Music Promoter do?

The promoter will either work with the band or its agent to arrange for a show to take place. They will agree upon a date for the show and they will book an available venue for that date. The music promoter will then negotiate any fees for the show with the band or the agent.

These fees include such things as a basic fee that the band or agent will pay the promoter for their services and whether the promoter will pay for the hotels and travel for the band. At this point, the promoter will then publicize the show by way of the press, radio, posters, emails and online advertising. It is the music promotions person's job to make sure that the band has everything they need, such as a support band, back line, hotels and a rider. They will set up dates for sound checks and organize the timeline of the show.

It is always a smart idea for the music promoter to create a contract with the band or agent and have everyone sign it. The contract should clearly state any fees paid to the promoter, who will be providing accommodation and travel expenses, who will take care of the back line, the date and time of the sound check, the length of the band's set and what the band will get for a rider.

What does it take to be a Music Promoter?

Most music promoters begin their careers in either one of two ways, or combining the two. One way is by contacting already established promoters or venues in the local area and securing a job with them. This way, a person can gain experience in the field and learn the requirements of a successful promoter. Another way to begin a promotions job is to start small on one's own. One can do this by finding a promising local band and offering to promote them. If the band agrees, then the beginning promoter will then book the venue and publicize the show. When starting out small, local newspaper advertising and posters are usually enough. If the show is successful, word will get out and other aspiring bands will want that promoters services, as well. As the promoter becomes well-established locally, bands from other areas and more prominent bands will follow. Great communication skills, knowledge of advertising and a love for music is necessary in becoming a successful music promoter.

Although there are no educational or degree requirements to become a music promotional person, for the person who would like to add some formal education to their resume, there are some great training programs one can take. These programs offer various courses that train the person in such things as "Artist Development and Management", "Songwriting and Publishing", "Producing, Production and Indie Labels", "Music Business Law Contract Basics" and much more. Some of these training programs are only 6 to 10 weeks long, while others are substantially longer.

What is the workplace of a Music Promoter like?

The music promoter will typically have their own office and may also have a secretary or assistant. However, they will also work in many different settings, as well. They may meet potential clients in such places as restaurants or meeting rooms. Although much of their work is over the phone or online, they may also be visiting potential venues to book and organize shows and hotels to book rooms. They may also be found in studios during sound checks.

How much does a Music Promoter earn?

The salary of a music promoter varies depending on such factors as the negotiations made with the band or the agent and how popular the band is to the public. There are two ways a promoter makes his money. This is by either receiving an agreed upon fee from the band or agent or by sharing the proceeds of the concert with the band or agent. Many beginning promoters have an extra job that helps with the fees of their promotional job. However, the average starting salary of music promoters is about $14,000 per year. This salary increases if the band one is promoting is very popular.

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