Naturopathy, (also known as Naturopathic Medicine or Natural Medicine) is an alternative medical system that focuses on natural remedies and the body's natural ability to heal and maintain itself.

Naturopathic Medicine is:

A certain system of primary health care that looks at the root causes of illness, and promotes health and healing using natural therapies. It supports your body’s own healing ability using an multi-faceted approach to disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention that includes: Acupuncture/Asian Medicine Botanical Medicine Physical Medicine (Massage, Hydrotherapy, etc.) Clinical Nutrition Homeopathic Medicine Lifestyle Counseling The term "Naturopathy" is derived from Greek and Latin translated as "nature disease". Naturopathic philosophy favors a holistic approach and minimal use of surgery and drugs.

Naturopathic Doctors (ND) and/or Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMD) strive to find the cause of disease by understanding the body, mind and spirit of the person.

There are two main areas of focus in naturopathy. One is supporting the body’s own healing abilities, and the other is empowering people to make necessary lifestyle changes for an individual’s best possible health.

Short bouts of illness as well as chronic conditions, are treated by the Naturopathic Doctor, but the main focus is on educating patients in order to prevent disease.

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