News analysts are often referred to as news anchors or newscasters, whether broadcasting via television or radio. A news anchor has an insatiable need to learn and educate others to the issues that continuously change and shape the world, whether locally, nationally or internationally. The news anchor may comment or provide professional insight on complicated issues that are reported in the news. Sources that are analyzed for commentary or reporting are gleaned from many different media sources, including print and Internet agencies.

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So What Do You Do, Brian Williams, Anchor NBC Nightly News? www.mediabistro.com

Williams knew he wanted to be a news anchor by the ripe old age of eight and began boning up for the big time by staging imaginary newscasts from his living room in Elmira, New York (He also published a weekly newspaper using his father's shirt cardboards).

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A Day In The Life Of A TV News Anchor battlefordsdailynews.com

Being a television news anchor is a demanding job. When she’s not on the air twice a day, CTV Saskatoon’s Chantel Huber rolls up her sleeves and gets right in the trenches with her coworkers – culling stories from the newswire, the internet, CTV affiliates and the previous night’s newscast and rewriting the content into her own style of broadcast copy.

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