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  • Life As A News Reporter

    Life as a news reporter is exciting. In the old days, reporters were not paid very well but more than made up for it from the excitement of the job itself. That's the way it remains today.

  • Radio News Reporter

    The News Reporter works under the supervision of the News Director. The Reporter specializes in covering a news beat, produces daily news for radio newscasts, produces in-depth radio features, and produces special reports as assigned.

  • What Duties Do News Reporters Have?

    News reporters are responsible for gathering and writing about the news as it happens. The advent of 24-hour news broadcasts and regularly updated digital editions of newspapers puts pressure on reporters covering national or international events to be first with the story or to find a new angle.

  • TV Reporter Career Profile

    A TV reporter is assigned to cover stories outside the TV station or network each day. That involves travel, sometimes around the block, other times around the world, in order to bring back the story that will be presented on the newscast.

  • Reporter: Career Information

    A reporter, also called a journalist, investigates and delivers news stories. He or she conducts interviews, observes events and does research to get all the facts about a story after getting a lead or tip. Then the reporter either writes up the story which will be published in a newspaper or on a website or reports the story on air on a television or radio broadcast.

  • Job Description For A Reporter

    Reporters provide news to a public audience by way of TV, radio, print or the Internet. They work in a variety of settings varying in size. Work happens in the newsroom, in the field or anywhere else that a story can be researched.

  • What Does A Newspaper Reporter Do?

    A newspaper reporter investigates a subject, performs research and conducts interviews to gather information, then writes a newspaper article on what he or she discovered.