Non-destructive testing specialists are professionals that use their wide range of technological, reasoning, and creative skills to find imperfections in materials, structures, and equipment. They use older, reliable methods to find and repair these imperfections as well as develop new methods and technology to improve their field.

Non-destructive testing specialists use techniques such as amperage measurement, rheometric flow measurement, voltage measurement, and radio astronomy to detect imperfections that do not meet regulations and laws. Specialists are able to easily interpret the findings gathered by the use of any of these methods, and can detect imperfections on large structures such as trains, airplanes, reactors, dams, bridges, and many others. They write reports that are sent to their clients, explaining their findings in great detail.

Apart from the technical aspects of the job, these specialists are professionals that supervise staff and trainees within their testing field. They use strong communications skills to interact with their superiors and subordinates through many means to ensure the testing project goes smoothly and produces accurate results.

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