Opticians give people the gift of better vision. They are the eye experts who specialize in correcting people's vision. Opticians are qualified to design and fit lenses of all types and then give them out to patients. These lenses could be spectacle lenses (glasses), contact lenses, products called low-vision aids (magnified lenses or larger font), or even opthalmic prosthetics (artificial eyes, also known as an ocular prosthesis) for people with partial sight.

There are various types of eye doctors; other types include optometrists or ophthalmologists. While optometry and ophthalmology are both disciplines that deal with the health and disease of the eye among other various things, opticians generally only deal with fitting and dispensing lenses. However, in countries besides the United States and Canada, licensed opticians may also examine the eyes for disease or other problems and issue their own prescriptions.

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