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    Optometry is a highly specialized medical field and its practitioners must be highly skilled and knowledgeable about the industry. To be successful optometrist (or ophthalmologist), one must have the following...

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    Here’s a little glimpse into a day (Wednesday, November 6, 2013 to be specific!) in the life of optometry students at UMSL, from the perspective of four fabulous students.

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    Optometrists work in a variety of settings and are often the primary vision health-care providers.

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    An optometrist is a professionally licensed eye doctor who has completed a doctor of optometry degree following an undergraduate program. Optometrists work specifically to check for and treat vision problems and diseases.

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    Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians each play an important role in providing eye care to consumers. But the levels of training and expertise are quite different for each type of provider. Here's a quick look at the three types of eye care providers.

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    For people who intend to venture into the health care industry, they commonly think of becoming a doctor or nurse. Fascinatingly, optometry is not among the more popular choices. Is this a good field to get into? Would it also bring decent income like any other medical profession?