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  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Out As A Personal Chef

    The two-income family with a desire to eat healthier, and no time to cook, creates a large market for a personal chef business. If you enjoy cooking and are thinking about becoming a private chef within your community, then here are 5 mistakes to avoid when starting your personal chef business.

  • My Private Chef

    Can't cook, won't cook ... so why bother? The latest celebrity accessory is a personal kitchen devil capable of rustling up anything from a pomegranate sorbet to a finger-food feast for 500. Charlotte Williamson hears tales of extravagance and excess.

  • Personal Chef For A Superstar: Behind The Scenes

    If you think the rich and famous are cooking for themselves, think again. Their personal chefs are doing all the dirty work, often in the background. But we got one of them to sit down with us and spill his secrets.

  • On Being A Private Chef

    A Michigan chef expounds upon the joys and challenges of working exclusively for one family.

  • How To Start A Personal Chef Company

    While you might relish the opportunity to create a great-tasting meal for your family, there are plenty of other people who don’t … or just don’t have the time. Although a penchants for cooking is important, the successful professional chef will also be personable, organized and creative.

  • Become A Personal Chef: The Industry’s Highest Paying Job

    Did I mention, personal chefs get paid on average more than any other chef-career path? More than executive chefs even? Sign you right up? Not so fast; being a personal chef comes with it’s own set of challenges.

  • The Realities Of Being A Personal Chef: What To Expect

    Becoming a personal chef does not mean that just knowing how to cook is the only requirement to the business. The responsibility lies in whether you are or are not trustworthy enough to bestow such a position.