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  • Pilot Careers www.avscholars.com

    There are a variety of aviation pilot jobs, each with its own set of hiring requirements, benefits, and challenges. Benefits and compensation will vary according to the type and size of the company. For any pilot job, there is a considerable amount of training required. Some pilots received their training in the military and others through civilian training. For most of the pilot jobs, you must have at least a commercial pilot certificate, instrument and multi-engine ratings. The hiring requirements will vary for each airline and company.

  • My Travel Routine: Private Jet Pilot Chris Grasso www.cntraveler.com

    We caught up with assistant chief pilot Christopher Grasso from AvantAir, a Florida-based company that supplies fractional private jet ownership (think time shares for airplanes).

  • Practical Use Of The Pilot Personality Profile www.avweb.com

    What comprises a typical pilot's personality? What characteristics do they generally share? Industrial psychologist Robert Rose, Ph.D., answers these questions and more as he takes a look at why understanding your personality profile may help your personal and professional relationships work a lot more effectively.

  • Becoming A Pilot www.dauntless-soft.com

    For many flying is a lifetime adventure. It's a multidimensional activity that you can enjoy on as many levels as suits your fancy from sightseeing to aircraft appreciation to aerobatics to travel to technical flying to history to earning a living and on and on.

  • How Becoming An Airline Pilot Works science.howstuffworks.com

    Flying an airplane is fun. Getting paid to do it is even better. For some people, it's the perfect job: an office that travels, a view that's constantly changing and challenges that are exhilarating.

  • How To Become An Airplane Pilot www.airaffair.com

    I am a licensed private pilot, and I am writing this article as a guide for prospective pilots. I have enjoyed my flying very much, and want to encourage others to embark on the grand adventure of aviation.