Bachelor’s Degree In Political Science: Possible Career Paths

We really need more people who are good with politics. Not just career politicians, but professionals who have are knowledgeable with the right critical-thinking skills to make the right decisions for our society. And a Bachelor’s degree in political science can help you become that learned person.

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Life As A Political Scientist

My interest in political science started late in life. Growing up, I never paid any attention to politics...

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Average Salary Of A Political Science Major

The salary earned by the average political science graduate can vary greatly, depending on the degree level and job location.

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12 Careers For Political Science Majors

Political sciences majors are popular for a reason: they're interesting, they're current, and they open a lot of career opportunities for graduates. Fortunately, political science majors can apply their academic and, often, their political training in a wide range of jobs.

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What Can I Do With My Political Science Degree?

Just how much can you do with a political science degree? A lot.

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Careers By Major - Political Science

There are many different career options available for graduates of Political Science. Your degree provides you with a variety of intellectual and applied skills that are valuable in a range of careers.

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What does a a Political Scientist do?