A principal is the head teacher or the leader of the school where he or she works. They are also known as head masters in some countries, as well as a few select schools in the United States. Principals are, in a sense, leaders of an entire community of learners.

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15 Tips For The New Principal connectedprincipals.com

This is the season of new beginnings. Administrators search for novel ways to inspire their staffs and balance exciting initiatives and necessary mandates into a vision that will move a faculty. But for many educators, it is their first taste of the Principalship as they receive an endorsement from a School Board and Superintendent to be a building leader for the first time.

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What Is It Like To Be A Principal? teaching.about.com

So you want to be a principal? I absolutely love being a principal, and I feel like for the most part that I do my job pretty well. With that said there are times when I sit down at the end of the day and wonder what I’ve gotten myself into and whether or not I’m cut out to do this.

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