Reviews of Project Manager

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Project Manager Reviews

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Jonathan T and this career

Somewhat enjoyable, but heavily reliant on the company you are employed by having good processes in place, training on offer, and a committed team.

Required good time-keeping and organisational skills, as well as good communication skills for communicating with clients.

The hours are usually 9-5, but overtime required when necessary. Travel a distinct possibility.

Randy Budnikas and this career

I am currently a Software Manager, but my favorite part of my job is tracking progress on multiple projects, coordinating cross-team deadlines, managing risk, and communicating status.  I think Project Management is where I excel the most, so I plan on pursuing that as a career. 

Raul Sanz de Acedo and this career

the posibility to decide things, to influence on the results, to work with and for a team

Rob Williams and this career

Lots of thinking, planning, and overtime while managing poeple. I enjoyed the responsibility and the feeling of your project going live

Brook Camp and this career

I love managing a project from A-Z and seeing the finished product and how it effects those invloved.

Adolé AKPABIE and this career

Being a project manager was challenging and rewarding.
What I liked about it was working on a project from the beginning to the end. I liked every aspects of project management, may it be conception, implementation or monitoring. I also appreciated the opportunity I had to work with a team and to manage that team.