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Proofreader Reviews

  • terrific
    4 ratings
  • pleasant
    3 ratings
  • satisfactory
    4 ratings
  • lowly
    1 ratings
  • disappointing
    0 ratings

All Reviews

Luann Suhr and this career

Depending on what country you live in this can be a well-paid job or a really low paying job. I edit Russian-English translations in Central Asia.

Lauren Lykke and this career

I like editing. I don't like the inconsistency of jobs/pay, seeing as it's freelance.

Itchaya Pypnct and this career

I thought I would like it. But I'm not happy in that position because they didn't let me edit the use of words. They just wanted us, proofreaders, to correct the spellings and grammars. Sort of boring and disrespecting the staffs.

Daniel Guajardo and this career

I am a Spanish language proofreader, and I enjoy it.

Rajkumar Mandal and this career

Love to being proofreader for reading documents and correcting the spelling mistakes.