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Jocelyn McLean is a Public Relations Specialist

I love building relationships with people, and working with others to craft and deliver a company's message to the public.

Katlego Ledimo is a Public Relations Specialist

It is a great learning curve. It is a high-pressure/ result-orientated environment and I enjoy that.

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Jon Barker is a Public Relations Specialist

Opportunity to be creative and get paid for my writing

Mark Logsdon is a Public Relations Specialist

I absolutely love the creative elements and my co-workers provide the best environment to develop that aspect for myself and my clients

Dawn Walker was a Public Relations Specialist

I liked the aspects that involved organization, like planning events, and I enjoyed dealing with problems that arose, but disliked pretty much everything else about this career. There's a huge amount of socializing, and you have to be comfortable with sales in the sense that you're selling a company's image. If you don't enjoy small talk and salesmanship doesn't come naturally to you, avoid this career.

karl johnson is a Public Relations Specialist

In my 2 years full-time experience in the industry, the best parts are as follows:
-Highly variable responsibilities on a day-to-day basis
-Absolutely a written-word and presentation-driven field.

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