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  • The Cow-Calf Operation thepioneerwoman.com

    To most effectively “sell the grass” on our ranch, we are always evaluating what we think will work the best—”best” being a balance between what is most profitable and what is best for the land. To accomplish this we run three types of operations on our ranch and adjust according to what we think will work the best.

  • An Accidental Cattle Ranch Points The Way In Sustainable Farming www.nytimes.com

    When Tom Steyer first learned that his wife, Kat Taylor, wanted to sell beef from the cattle herd on their ranch here, he rolled his eyes...

  • Cattle Rancher www.shmoop.com

    Ever since the mid-late 19th century, as soon as they took a gander at the wide open spaces of North America, a certain kind of feller (and gal—though mostly, truth be told, it was mainly the menfolk) fell in love with the lifestyle of cattle ranchin’ and cowboyin’.

  • Cattle Ranching www.bonanzacreekcountry.com

    Ranching is not just a business, it’s a way of life. And it’s a 365 day a year commitment. Regardless of the weather, holidays, or any other plans we may have, the cattle have to be taken care of.

  • Difference Between Farm And Ranch www.differencebetween.com

    With the introduction of crop cultivation, different farming systems were introduced, and they were based on various factors such as geography and culture. Ranching and farming are two different systems, which have both similarities and differences.

  • Wanted: Young Farmers And Ranchers www.hpj.com

    There is something that agriculture needs just as much as drought-tolerant corn or auto steering in tractors: It needs young farmers and ranchers. The average age of farmers in the U.S. is 57 and that number is not going down.

  • I Am A US Cattle Rancher. What Do You Want To Know? www.theguardian.com

    My husband and I run a farm with over 300 cows. The 'chores' never stop, but it's bliss working outside with the animals.