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Real Estate Agent Reviews

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Anoz Mere and this career

I was outside, biking around all summer. I controlled my own hours, was well compensated, and was physically active. Having freedom, mobility, and choosing my own projects is what I need in every job I have from now on.

Josh Dupler and this career

This is fun because you get to move around alot and your time is flexable and you get to see people get happy when they find their perfect home.

Stephen Rudberg and this career

Although a challenging career, it can also be rewarding financially plus the pleasure you get from helping people fulfill their dreams of home ownership. The flexiblilty of working hours too. The down side is increased competition among your peers, required discipline to work and treat real estate sales as a business, the on going challenge of lead generation and aquiring new prospects and an uncertain cash flow or revenue stream and new technologies which are transforming the industry faster than some seasoned Agents can handle. Working week nights and weekends is also par for the course if you are busy.

Chris Johnston and this career

I was more interested in marketing interesting properties than selling them. Selling 50 year old ranch homes is about as boring as it gets. It pretty much sucks the life out of you. I did like being out of the office all day.