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Receptionist Reviews

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J. Beane and this career

I, alone, was the defensive line for my office. I saw and spoke with people all day. I diffused situations, gave directors a heads up about things I overheard in the lobby, and helped clients put their best foot forward. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the interaction. The only downside was when there were no people to see or talk to.

Bekhi Spika and this career

I enjoy working with all types of people, but I do not enjoy being the face of customer service all the time. It's difficult to be productive when you have to keep taking on new tasks from tenants or potential tenants. Also, the disconnect between corporate and the local property management company I work at is ridiculous. Not worth the stress.

Michelle Clark and this career

I loved being a receptionist, but found that from time to time, dealing with Customers was a bit of a downside. I worked at an Answering Service, as a virtual receptionist for hundreds of companies, and as an emergency dispatcher as well (same job). I strongly preferred the emergency calls to the everyday messages, because I felt like I was doing something worthwhile, instead of just passing information.

Ashley Granich and this career

I'm a receptionist at a gospel radio station and I really enjoy it. The atmosphere is nice and I like being able to brighten someone's day. It's a very good starter job for those who are interested in an office setting.

Jamie O'Brien and this career

As an introvert with extroverted tendencies, I enjoyed how working at the front desk at a private company offered the opportunity to work alone for most of the time but still allowed for interaction with clients and coworkers.

Depending on the company, the responsibilities of the receptionist can vary. But generally the main responsibility is to answer telephones and greet clients. Often, you are the representative and have the responsibility of establishing the first impression for the organization.

I held two receptionist positions in my career. At one, I provided administrative support for multiple managers and had lots to do. At another, my only responsibility was to answer the phone and take care of courier packages. I found myself constantly asking for more work and it was boring at times.

But if you're a person who enjoys interacting with new people, this is a great stepping stone for establishing a career!

Katherine R and this career

Repetitive, no room for creativity, little opportunity to engage in problem solving. As the first contact for a company, upholding the company image requires sacrifices to practicality, logic, efficiency and comfort. Providing service is often fulfilling, but be prepared to be treated poorly by clients as well as some of the higher-ups

Natalie Gallart and this career

It's so boring and unfulfilling