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  • Sales Manager money.usnews.com

    Serving as the guiding hand for the sales team, sales managers outline the staff’s training programs, develop strategies for the sales team to operate efficiently and push team members to surpass short- and long-term sales targets.

  • A Career In Sales Management salescareers.about.com

    You have earned the respect of upper management and have been offered a promotion into the wonderful world of sales management. Along with the promotion comes an increase in base salary, the ability to pick and mold your own sales team, added stress and responsibility and, as a final bonus, higher expectations and a few sleepless nights!

  • Day In The Life: Working In Sales At Yelp blog.seelio.com

    We called up Mike Cornelius, a proud University of Michigan Wolverine and a seasoned Sales Manager at Yelp in Scottsdale, Arizona. He graciously took some time to tell us about how he landed at Yelp and what it’s like working in sales at Yelp.

  • Interview With A Successful Sales Manager: Moving At The Speed Of Success! tokarevczar.hubpages.com

    As a Manager at two different companies I have had to learn how to adapt to different learning styles and personalities. Learning that not every employee is the same gave me the patience to treat team members as individuals and tailor my training strategies to them during weekly One on one’s.