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Barbara Huntley was a Sales Manager

there is no gratitude in retail. you get paid crappy wages and i didn't feel accomplished.

Rodolfo Fanti was a Sales Manager

Lying to people, not caring about your dreams, ideals and values

Amber Ambrose was a Sales Manager

I liked being a part of the machine, seeing how my role affected the entire company, but I disliked that career path for the same reason. I wanted the latitude to be able to think creatively and create things

Bea Banner is a Sales Manager

Sales and customer service come easily to me because I have the ability to read people. That said, being a retail sales manager is not my ideal job in that it doesn't offer a desirable career path. My favorite aspects of the job are creating relationships with my customers as well as merchandising.

Leo Gebhardt was a Sales Manager

I loved this job; every day was different!

Ben Walker was a Sales Manager

I've always sold new technology. There is something about selling stuff that is on the forefront of business to new adopters.

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