Segmental pavers, also known as segmental masons in some instances, are construction and home renovation specialists who install flat segments of brick, concrete, or other stone-like building materials. Segmental pavers work in a variety of settings, but the majority of them work in the home improvement or construction industry. Segmental masons are responsible for the planning, cutting, and laying of paving materials used to create walkways, patios, and even driveways.

The discipline of segmental paving involves complex planning and designing. Working closely with clients is paramount to the success of a segmental mason's job description. Most of the time, segmental pavers work on outdoor projects such as custom-designed home patios, but occasionally segmental pavers ply their trade indoors.

Cement masonry involves a multi-step process in order to create marvelous, appealing sidewalks and paths. Without the expertise of a skilled mason, these construction projects would degrade over time as topsoil shifts and settles. A large number of home improvement developers attempt to do the work of a segmental mason by themselves, but more often than not these do-it-yourself projects require repairs performed by a skilled segmental paver.

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