Articles on Sheet Metal Worker

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  • What Does A Sheet Metal Worker Do?

    The Sheet Metal trade is one of the most varied and diversified of all the skilled trades.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Sheet Metal Worker

    Sheet Metal Workers have a very challenging but highly rewarding occupation. The job requires physical strength and accuracy. The course offered in this industry is known as Engineering-Fabrication Trade. Anyone thinking about starting a career as a Sheet Metal Worker/ Engineering-Fabrication Trade should look into the apprenticeship training involved.

  • Sheet Metal Workers Standing Strong

    The products sheet metal workers make possible – HVAC systems, airplanes, elevators, skyscrapers, etc. – are all around us, but most Americans have no idea how dangerous and challenging the life of a sheet metal worker can be.

  • Using Essential Skills: On The Job With A Sheet Metal Worker

    Are you starting an apprenticeship as a sheet metal worker or are you thinking about a career in this trade? Pursuing a career as a sheet metal worker requires strong essential skills such as reading, document use, numeracy and critical thinking.

  • What Does A Sheet Metal Worker Do?

    Sheet metal workers fabricate, assemble, install and repair sheet metal products.